Weapon Policy

Below is the designated weapon policy for Animeland. Please make sure you review all items related to the weapon policy as not adhering to these policies will result in your dismal from the convention.

Weapons Code of Conduct

  • All props must be examined by weapons check staff to make sure it follows all rules listed blow.

  • As an attendee you are expect to know/understand the rules of conduct and consequences for not following them.

  • Weapons and props will be surrendered for inspection to any con staff at any time the staff member requests to ensure continued compliance with weapons safety policies.  Failure to do so will result in ejection from the convention.

  • Con-goers are solely responsible for their props.  It is their responsibility to make sure they are not hitting, tripping, poking, choking, or otherwise interfering with other con-goers by way of their costume or prop.  If you have an oversized prop or costume, either don’t bring it or make sure you have a handler to help ensure the safety of your fellow attendees and their property.

  • NO PROJECTILES WHATSOEVER. See prohibited items. If you are seen throwing, launching, shooting, manipulating with the force or otherwise turning an object into a projectile, you will be removed from the convention.

  • Water fired from a squirt gun or bottle counts as a projectile.

  • Whips, ropes, chains, etc., should NEVER be swung or lashed.

  • There will be no play fights or swinging of weapons. Posing for photographs is OK.

  • Breaking the weapons policy or code of conduct is grounds for ejection from the convention.

  • BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR COSTUME AND PROPS.  If there is any question whether you should do something, you probably shouldn’t.

  • Convention staff are the final arbiters of these rules.

  • Convention staff reserves the right to add items to the prohibited list at any time.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms and ammunition are prohibited in all convention spaces. If you own a firearm leave it in your room or your vehicle.

  • All sharpened blades, with the exception of pocket knives 3 inches in length or smaller, that are not used as part of a costume.

  • All ammunition for toy or prop guns including but limited to, nerf style darts or balls, airsoft BB’s, rubber bands, and flying cats/nuns/chickens.

  • Silly string is not allowed on the con floor.


  • No projectiles for the guns allowed.  All darts, pellets, rubber bands, flying cats/chickens/dogs, etc. must stay in hotel rooms or vehicles and are not allowed on the con floor.  Firing, launching, or throwing  a projectile will result in immediate ejection from the convention.

  • Water guns are to remain empty while on the convention floor.

Realistic Guns

  • MUST have an orange/red tip.  If it does not have an orange/red tip built in, it must be painted or taped on.

  • By “realistic,” the following is included: modern guns, antique guns, all-wood guns/rifles, steampunk-style guns (depending on the color and amount of steampunk elements added), etc…

  • Examples of realistic guns: Yoko Ritona’s gun from Gurren Lagann.

  • Animeland is aware that some dealers in Exhibit Hall sell various types of guns. Those guns are for private use and not to be brought out in public. As long as you are on convention center grounds, you must keep it in the box, then store it in bag check, your car, or your hotel room.

Futuristic or Cartoonish Guns

  • The silhouette must not look like a realistic gun.  These guns may be non-tipped at the discretion of the weapons check staff.  The weapon will still be required to be peace bonded to prove that it has gone through weapons check.

Swords & Blades

  • All swords must be BLUNT (i.e. not sharp).  NO LIVE STEEL.  “Live steel” is any metal sharpened to the point where it can cut.

Metal Swords & Blades

  • Must have a sheath.  Metal swords will be securely peace bonded into the sheath.  If they cannot be, they will not be allowed on the con floor.

  • Metal swords cannot be taken out of sheath on convention grounds.

  • The only exception is for cosplay contest performers and ONLY during their time on stage, provided that their sword is blunt.  The blades will be required to be sheathed and bonded when not performing.

Incendiary Devices

  • Cannot be a real incendiary device.  Possessing a real incendiary device will get you ejected from the convention into a police cruiser.

  • Cannot be metal

  • Must have safety colors (see gun section)

  • Preferably hollowed out (for items like dynamite sticks) and/or lightweight.

  • Sports Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Tools

  • Cannot be sharpened, such as, but not limited to, kitchen knives and saws.

Bows & Arrows

  • Crossbows must be able to be disabled.

  • If you have a strung bow, you cannot have arrows.  If you have loose arrows in a quiver, you cannot have a string in your bow.

  • Arrows cannot be launched or thrown, whether you have a bow or not. They are considered ammunition at that point.

Spears, Staves, & Poles

  • Must be 7ft or less.

  • If there are blades attached, they cannot be sharp.


  • Will be allowed but will be peace bonded together so they cannot be swung.

Chains, Ropes, & Whips

  • Metal chains must be less than 12in in length and less than 1in in diameter.

  • If you have chains and ropes dangling from your body, they should ideally not drag on the floor more than an inch or so behind you, as this is a tripping hazard and a good way to wreck your costume if they’re stepped on.

  • If you have a whip, make sure you follow proper conduct rules.

  • If you have an object on the end of a chain, it must be a very lightweight foam or hollow plastic.


  • Boomerangs, hammers, large metal flashlights, mops, brooms, screwdrivers, yardsticks, bokken, plastic shuriken.

  • This list is not exclusive.

  • Examples of items that do not need to be peace bonded:
    • Fans
    • Normal Umbrellas/Parasols

Have some questions that weren’t answered here? Feel free to check out our Weapon section on the FAQ page!