Volunteer Program

Animeland prides itself in bringing the community in to help make all our events special. Animeland Wasabi is no different. Become a volunteer for Animeland Wasabi and get the chance to contribute to the success of this wonderful show.  Animeland is looking for people who are motivated, knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, eager to learn, enthusiastic and willing to help deliver an enjoyable experience for everyone. Animeland volunteers are getting viable experience to work to being more involved in Animeland Wasabi in the future.

Animeland Volunteer Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old (under 18? Your parents will need to sign a special liability waiver.)

  • Must be able to complete at least one 5 hour shift over the course of the convention. (3 shifts earn you a weekend pass.)

  • Must sign a release of liability form.

  • Required to purchase a badge to volunteer but will be reimbursed if you fulfill all our volunteer requirements during the show.

Perks of the Volunteer Program

  • Be put on the fast track for a chance to become a staff member at future events.

  • Free meals at the convention***.

    • ***Some restrictions apply.
  • All access pass to the convention.


  • Be on time! This includes orientation, your shift, and potential meetings held at the convention.

  • Stay at your assigned post for the duration of your shift. Restroom breaks will be allowed, but coverage must be obtained before you can be temporarily dismissed.

  • Have fun!

Areas Available in the Volunteer Program


* Volunteers may be dismissed at the discretion of the convention staff for violation of policies. 

Ready to apply? Click here to get started!! If you any other questions about the volunteer program take a look at our Volunteer section on the FAQ page or email us at volunteers@whereisanimeland.com