Voice Workshop with Kiba Walker

This is a workshop for aspiring singers. Have stage fright? Can’t quite reach those whistle tones? Kiba Walker will walk you through the steps into warming up your voice, grasping that microphone, and rocking the stage. This is an interactive panel, with volunteer examples!

Lost in Translation with Lisle Wilkerson

This panel is a tribute to the film Lisle Wilkerson was in, but it is really more about the world of interpreting/translating, as well as being a good source of info for the many con-goers who are studying Japanese and/or trying to get a job using their Japanese skills.​

It Gets Better with Jamie McGonnigal

A chat with openly gay, openly married gay Pokémon voice actor Jamie McGonnigal. Join us and chat about what it’s like in your community as an LGBTQ person or ally, and how we can make things better for the next generation of LGBTQ folks.