Kiba Walker

Kiba Walker is a voice actor and musician who is best known for his work on “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” (Amon, Gnart), “Seiyuu Danshi” (Main Character [Haato]), “Dragon Skies VR” (Audio Cubes), “Minecraft Diaries” (Liochant, Roco), “Victus Vincimus: Veteran’s Revenge” (Eike Crimson), “Rite of Passing” (Oz), “Return of the Guitar Lord” (ScurvyBreath), “PawTail” (Carolina Dingo), “Echogeddon” (Dr. Jack Brinton), and much more.
His musical accolades span across different categories, including nominations for Best Male Vocalist (Forte Awards), Best Reno Musician (#8 out of 25), SacAnime Summer & Winter Karaoke (Winner 1st/2nd various times); his album “XO” debuted in May of 2016, bringing rock and roll and EDM together in one eclectic record. His charisma and talent also won him the title of Mr. LGBT America Northern Nevada division.
Kiba loves meeting new people, talking with fans, and geeking out over anime! He is very excited to attend Animeland Wasabi for the first time.