Here are the most common questions about Animeland Wasabi events. If anything below does not answer your question(s), feel free to visit our contact us section.

General FAQ

Animeland Wasabi has returned to our original convention format. Why?

We have realized that this show is for the fans. Growth of the show depends on great guests, abundant activities and an atmosphere for all otaku to share the excitements of an anime convention weekend. Animeland Wasabi may include any or all activities such as:

  • Panels and Workshops

  • Anime guests

  • Artist Alley and Vendor Space

  • Gaming

  • More fan favorites, activities and contests

How can I register?

Registration information can be found here.

How much does it cost to attend?

Information on registration can be found here.

Where will the event be held?

We are set to have our event at the Crowne Plaza DIA located at 15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239.

What do I need to bring to pick up my badge if I pre-registered?

Please bring:

  • Proof of identification (driver license, student card with picture on it or military ID with picture).

  • Confirmation of payment via Eventbrite email or PayPal purchase.

What time do the doors open each day?

Registration opens at 11 am on Friday and 9 am Saturday and Sunday.

How do I become Animeland Staff?

Becoming part of Animeland Staff starts with volunteering. At times we do have special need of people to fulfill specific new roles within the convention. Those position are filled on a case by case basis.

How do I become a volunteer?

Details on being a volunteer can be found here.

How do I purchase an Artist Alley table?

Details on purchasing an Artist Alley Table can be found here.

How do I purchase a Dealer’s Room table?

Details on purchase an Dealer Room booth can be found here.

Is there a weapon policy?

Information on the dress code / weapon policy can be found here.

How can I host a panel/event?

Attendees can submit fan panels by going here.

How can I enter the Cosplay Competition?

You can submit your entry into the cosplay contest here.

Is there an age restriction for attending?

There is no age restriction on attending. Children 10 years and younger do not require a convention badge, but need to be with a paid adult to participate. Max 2 children per paid adult.

Do you give discounts for military, police, or firemen?

Currently Animeland Wasabi does give discounts to military, police or fireman. Please use the contact form to get instructions on how to get the discount.

This only applies at the door, not on our pre-registration site. Submit your information/request here.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, but only service animals.

I pre-registered, but cannot attend. Can I give my badge to someone else? (or) How do I change the name of on my badge?

If you cannot attend the show but purchased a badge you can transfer you pass to someone else. To do so, submit your request here. Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Name of the person you would like to transfer your pass to.

  • Confirmation code of your purchase.

  • Eventbrite or Paypal email that you purchased your pass with.

I have been mistreated by a volunteer or staff member. Who do I report it to?

Please report any issues to Con Ops which will be available at the convention. Information on the anti-harassment policy is located here.

I know of a guest/band/etc. that might want to attend! Who do I talk to?

Please submit any guest request here.

I’ve lost an item by accident/theft. Who should I contact?

For all lost and stolen items incidents please go to the information desk for assistance. If you found that you lost your items after the convention is over please submit incident here.

A vendor is selling bootleg merchandise and/or being rude. Who do I report it to?

Please report the selling of bootleg merchandise to the information desk ASAP.

What is your refund policy?

All attendees have 3 days after the purchase of their ticket to request a refund. After 3 days, all sales are final.

Artist Alley FAQ

I just filled out the Artist Alley submission form. How long will it take to hear back about whether or not I have a table?

You will receive an e-mail from us within 5 business days about your table status along with the Artist Alley guidelines. If you don’t see our e-mail regarding your table status within 5 business days, please check your spam folder before contacting us directly via the contact form found here.

Do I get to choose my table number for Artist Alley?

You will get to choose your table number after your submission has been approved by the Artist Alley director.

I don’t see an option to buy an Artist Alley table on the Eventbrite. How do I pay for my table(s)?

Once your submission has been sent and approved and you’ve chosen your table number, we will send instructions on how to purchase your table to the e-mail that was submitted in the submission form.

You will have two days from the date that information is sent to pay for your table(s) before your preferred table numbers are released.

When will I get information on Artist Alley set-up and operation times?

We will send this information to everyone 2 weeks before the convention!

What do I need to bring with me to check-in?

When you purchase your table, Eventbrite will send an automatic e-mail with proof of your purchase. Please be sure to bring the proof of purchase with you and a form identification.

Where do I go when I get to the convention for check-in?

When you get to the convention, you will go straight to Artist Alley to check in and pick up your badges. From there, you will be directed to your table for set-up.

Dorms FAQ

I’m attending this convention with my family. Can I room with them?

Absolutely! When you fill out the form on the Dorm page, just be sure to place the names of your family members into the section where it asks who you would like to room with. Each person in the room is still required to purchase a dorm package.

Is the price listed for the entire room?

No. The price listed is the ticket price for ONE individual. If you are planning to room with your friends, they too need to purchase a dorm package at the price listed.

Volunteer FAQ

Do I have to pre-register to become a volunteer?

If you intend to attend for the weekend, then it would be necessary that you have a badge for the convention outside of your volunteering duties. If you’re just volunteering for a day or two, be sure to come to Con Ops with the necessary security deposit and when you’ve finished your shift, or shifts, you’ll be reimbursed and get your day pass and explore the convention.

Do I have to pay to become a volunteer?

All volunteers will be required to purchase a weekend badge but will get reimbursed at the end of the show if they meet all the requirements of volunteering throughout the weekend

Isn’t putting down a security deposit like paying to become a volunteer?

It’s done as a precaution to keep people who want to volunteer in the evening from attending the convention in the day and just leaving before their shift or if a volunteer fails to meet their obligations so they’re allowed to stay at the convention.

I want to volunteer, but will I have the ability to participate in any parts of the convention?

Animeland Wasabi’s top priority is to make sure you have a great experience even while volunteering. If there are certain events you want to do at the convention just be sure to tell us and we’ll make sure you’re there.

Is there a reason the volunteer shifts are 5 hours? Most other conventions ask for 4.

The extra hour includes 30 minutes to get you checked in and out for your shift and time to get to your assignment and a 30 minute break you can use for whatever you want.

Would I be able get a hotel room to sleep if I volunteer?

Any person will be allowed to purchase a hotel room regardless of being a volunteer.

Is food and drink provided if I volunteer?

Volunteers will have access to the food provided to staff.

Can I still cosplay while volunteering?

A volunteer is only able to cosplay if they are not volunteering. All volunteers will be required to wear the volunteer outfit provided to them so attendees can easily distinguish them from everyone else in the event of an emergency or if they just simply need help.

Does volunteering get me community service credit for my school or organization?

If your school or organization is aware of what Animeland Wasabi is, what work is involved and it is considered acceptable for them, then yes, you can volunteer and get credit for it. Just make sure to bring to necessary paper work to get it signed by the volunteer coordinator.

I didn’t get the shift or area I wanted to volunteer in, can I still get it?

If you really wanted a particular shift or work in an area, make sure to put it in your application or e-mail us. If you still didn’t get your wanted shift, it was because it was already filled.

I didn’t get an e-mail after I sent in my application, does that mean I wasn’t accepted?

Applications for volunteers checked and replied to in bulk near convention time, just because you haven’t received an e-mail doesn’t mean you’ve been rejected.

I have a different question not answered here, where can I ask?

Shoot us an e-mail at volunteers@whereisanimeland.com there’s almost no question we can’t answer.

Weapons FAQ

Where can I find the convention rules for weapons?

You can find our weapons policy page here.

What is peace bonding?

Peace bonding means that you, the attendee, show visible proof that a prop weapon meets with the Animeland Wasabi weapons policy. What that means for you is that you must head to one of the peace bonding stations in order to get your prop weapon peace bonded.

Can I peace bond my own prop?


I’ve seen peace bonds on other people’s props, and I feel that they’re too long, plus they ruin the look of the prop. Is it okay if I cut it shorter?

No, it is not okay. You may not tamper with the peace bond in any way. While posing for a photo op, you may conceal it with your hand/arm/etc., but that’s about it.

What is live steel?

Live steel is any sharpened metal that can cut. For metal swords, the blade must be as blunt as a spoon.

Where can I put my weapon (that’s not approved) if I do not have a car or a hotel room?

There will bag check-in available to everyone at the convention. There is a fee so be forewarned and prepare ahead of time.

But XYZ convention allowed my prop weapon, why not here?

XYZ convention is not Animeland and Animeland is not XYZ convention. We allow some things XYZ does not allow and vice versa.

I have a realistic looking gun but it looks terrible with the safety colors. Can’t you just let it go?

No. Animeland Wasabi will comply with Colorado regulations regarding safety colors. You may either paint on the colors or adhere the color with colored tape. (such as Duct tape). This means that you have to get something that has a strong stickiness like Duct tape or gaffer’s tape in the safety color that you tape onto your prop. Painter’s tape, Scotch tape that’s been colored with marker is not acceptable]. Having bits of colored paper and taping them on with something similar to Scotch tape is also not allowed.

Where are the peace bonding tables?

This will be at the information table.

Can I take my prop to the main events hall?

As long as it’s small (i.e. able to fit inside a bag) and not in anyone’s way. This is so that the prop doesn’t pose a fire hazard problem.

I just bought this at the dealer’s hall, is it okay?

Look through the Weapons Policy and if it complies, then come to one of the peace bonding stations to get it approved (if you want to carry it). Otherwise, leave it in the original package and/or bag.

Are we allowed to mock fight?

No, and it is included in the code of conduct. Play fighting, brandishing, etc. puts others in harm’s way and therefore puts you at risk for getting your badge taken away.

What about whips?

Whips like Indiana Jones (bullwhips) are not allowed; ones shaped like horse whips (like Ciel from Kuroshitsuji) are allowed.