Russ Adams

Russ Adams is an award-winning special effects artist familiar to worldwide audiences for his work on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, the highly-rated SyFy Channel reality series. Russ quickly became a fan favorite on the show thanks to his quick wit and willingness to help his fellow contestants.

Russ’ filmography includes #SCREAMERS, Punk 2; Punk’s Dead, Monolith, and Juarez 2045.

Russ is also the author of THIS IS NOT THAT SHOW, A book chronicling his life before, during, and after the Creature Shop Challenge. He is also the author of a special effects how-to series called, A WORKSHOP WITH RUSS ADAMS which will debut at Animeland Wasabi.

Charming Little Fox Creations

Table 400

I specialize in creating completely handcrafted original and fanart cameos with polymer clay. I’m very passionate about what I’m doing, and am always trying to push my own boundaries with my craft. Another unique aspect of my jewelry is my terrarium necklaces. I create tiny scenes inside wearable bottles and globes. In addition to these items I also offer an array of earrings and charms. I love to see the look on faces when people find such one of a kind treasures at my table!



Table 106

Crystal Aura Wilson (aka- Crizltron) – Concept artist for video game and toy design. Offerings lots of different pop culture themed stickers, buttons, art prints and messenger bags.



Table 210

I’m a small young artist with about 4 years of experience. I really love to draw and make art any way that I can. I’ve been going to ALW for 3 years now and was one of my first cons but I’ve never thought about trying out for artist ally until now.


Badge Art Contest

Formal rules:

  1. The artwork must be your own original creation and not previously used for any commercial purpose. That includes selling prints of the art.
  2. Japanese-inspired art styles are highly encouraged, but as long as you embrace the theme of “Straight Outta Wasabi” your entry is valid for consideration.
  3. Your entry must be appropriate for all ages.
  4. Your submission shouldn’t have any sort of signature, initials, or identifying mark on it when you submit. The winning artist(s) will be announced and will receive all due credit and prizes.
  5. All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on January 15, 2017.
  6. No current Animeland staff members or immediate family members of Animeland staffers are allowed to enter.
  7. Animeland will use the winning submission(s) for its 2017 badges and/or the program guide, banners or other printables.
  8. Submissions must be submitted to Facebook or Instagram with the hastag #alw2017 and it must tag our page so we can be notified.

Cassidy Dwelis: Imaginarium

Table 301

Elaborate storytelling is something that has entertained humankind since its start and Cassidy’s goal is to take the words on the page and forge them to life, like a star being born. Using a variety of media, Cassidy uses her hands to weave magic on the canvas and visualize elements extant before only in dreams. By utilizing an expressive and inky quality to her work, Cassidy brings worlds and characters of all sorts into existence. Cassidy Dwelis currently resides in Arvada, Colorado, and has recently acquired a BFA in both Illustration and Game Art. Cassidy’s dream is to start her own independent video and board game studio in the Denver area, and she also strives to help others bring their imagination to life.



Table 109

We are a duo of two artists based in Denver, CO. We are twin sisters, the oldest is Gaby and the youngest is Alex and together we are Galaxy! We specialize in Illustration through prints,buttons,pencil cases and on site commissions! Please check out our stuff!



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