Fandoms: Opening Horizons

Using Anime and Manga as away to explore the outside of the Anime world and enjoying everything you have seen and done. Enjoying the world of Fandoms in general, discussing it openly and crossing borders and finding new discoveries.

To be an Artist: Q&A and Doodles

The journey to become an artist (professional or not) is long and strenuous. Join CatoKoch in a Q&A session paired with some funny doodling. Bring your curiosity and some funny ideas for a laid back and interactive doodle time.

Nerdy Needles Studio

Table 504

Originally Silver Moon Key Crafts, Nerdy Needles Studio was founded in 2012 by Emmalin Phillips. The studio was created to showcase Emmalin’s crafts have turned into products and she is showing them at local Colorado Conventions. Pins, flower crowns, steampunk jewelry, and more can be found at this table!