Lagproof Items

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If you like adorable chibis of your favorite anime, cartoon and video game characters, have I got some goodies for you! Come visit Lagproof Items at Animeland Wasabi 2016 for some super cute stuff with a 100% lag-free guarantee. Keep your favorite characters with you in real time. Always.





Jason Score

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Jason Score is a local self taught artist who focuses their work in both digital and traditional media. She is known for a fresh, rounded out style with a bit of a comic flare. Her love for anime and manga shines through in her work; and don’t forget to ask her about her graphic novel project when stopping by her table.



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Filthy Commissions

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I am a self-employed artists that stumbled into costuming in the year 2000 and haven’t been able to put down the needle and thread ever since! I started making custom works of art for friends a few years after that, slowly broadening out to new people and new interests, and eventually Filthy Commissions was born. I’m extremely honored that my favorite hobby has become popular enough to sustain my living, and I’ve met many great people and had wonderful opportunities as well.

I have won more than forty awards scattered across the country – and even some internationally – for my custom works of art, and I’ve had the opportunity to be craftsmanship judges in competitions. I broadened to make clothing for ball jointed dolls and pets, wigs and outfits for drag queens, I host informative panels on how to’s and tips, and I’ve even been in and hosted several fashion shows. Recently I aim to start up my own clothing line, and hope to be able to sell my own imagination to buyers who wish to wear a step above the ordinary.


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Nube Obscura

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Hello my name is Nube Obscura. I am a self taught artist. My style mainly consists of traditional artwork specializing in graphite (pencil) drawings, watercolor and Copic marker paintings. I do art pieces based on interest or on commission. Aside from 2D artwork I also delve in 3D creations such as props based on items such as swords, Keyblades and other trinckets from anime or games. One interesting item I offer that i havent seen others do are piñata figures. This is a new product I have been wanting to offer and will have it debut this year.



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