Death of the Arcade (DOTA)

Death of the Arcade is the premier Rock Band Bar Night provider for the state of Colorado. We have been providing the highest level of Rock Band related entertainment for over 8 years! We have been a proud part of Animeland for several years and have enjoyed providing our unique style of entertainment for the unique individuals who attend the convention. Rock Band comes from the creators of Guitar Hero and works as an amazing Karaoke alternative. Imagine that a group of friends wants to get on stage, at a normal karaoke event they would have to wait for each person to get their chance in the spotlight. You’d be lucky if each person gets to play 2 songs in the whole evening. With Rock Band, we get the whole group up to play together, Guitar, Bass, Drums and a Singer. Everyone gets a chance to play and they get more overall stage time. It is easy to play and caters to a wide audience because there are more options than just singing. The allure of being a rock star for the night can be felt by most anyone.

Death of the Arcade is an officially sanctioned Rock Band Bar Night and is sponsored by Harmonix to provide high quality entertainment. We take the game and pump up the production value to bring an unforgettable experience. We have stages, lights, fog machines, and all of the premium instruments to provide an event that everyone can enjoy.

Death of the Arcade has a library of over 1500 songs and counting, giving a truly diverse selection. We have provided our services for a wide variety of events, from small bar nights to large conventions and weddings.

Love Live! Maid Café

Hello everyone! We are Maids of µ’s (Pronounced ‘Muse’)!, a maid cafe run by the members of your favorite Love Live idols! All members of the famous school idol group will be serving as the cutest maids for TWO days (two sessions on Saturday, one on Sunday) at Animeland Wasabi!

Join us for games, performances, and of course, yummy sweets and treats served to you by our members, prepared just for you and your friends!

Need some help? Have a question or request? Come to any of the maids, and we’ll help out as much as we can!

“Listen, an idol’s job isn’t to show people their smiles, it is to make people smile. Never forget that!” – Nico Yazawa