February 20th, 2015


We have posted a few important updates!

  • The FULL SCHEDULE has been posted, and you may find it under the “Programming” TAB.
  • The Poke Doke DANCE event page has been updated! Info about that can be found under the “Programming” TAB.
  • Vendor Load-in/Setup information, as well as Vendor Room hours, has been posted. You may find that under the “Services” TAB.

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Two Important Announcements!

February 19th, 2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances and other commitments, Animeland Wasabi and Sukoshi Con will not be including Tom Wayland as a guest at this years Animeland Wasabi 2015 event. However, we are very pleased to announce Jamie McGonnigal has agreed to join us at this year’s event!

Jamie McGonnigal is a voice actor, director, producer and event organizer living in Washington DC with his husband Sean and dog Eli. He’s known for his roles as Barry, Trip and Grumpig on Pokémon and has also been heard on Yu-Gi-Oh GX & 5Ds (Brron, Thunder, Blitz), Viva Pinata (Teddington Twingersnaps), Chaotic (Vlar), Weiss Kreus/Knight Hunters (Omi), Magic Users Club (Takeo), Kirby (Whippy), Big Windup (Kanou), Beck (Yoshito), El Cazador (L.A.), One Piece (Kuromarimo, Eyelash), Kizuna (Ranmaru) and PS2’s Shadow Hearts from the New World (Johnny Garland). Also, he loves Frozen. A lot. -Read Jamie’s Full Biography on our Guest Page

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Cosplay Guest Announcement, Jessica Merizan!

February 15th, 2015

Jessica_Merizan0003_00000We’re excited to announce our newest Cosplay Guest, Jessica Merizan! Jessica is best known as one of the co-founders of Crabcat Industries, as well as being seen on the hit SyFy show, Heroes of Cosplay!

Jessica Merizan is a rogue archaeologist turned costumed bard, traveling the world as XO of Crabcat Industries and the Lead Community Manager at BioWare Edmonton-Montreal, a division of Electronic Arts. Jessica grew up in Redlands, California donning costumes to entertain generally willing audiences ranging from tiny black box theaters to venues with seating in the thousands and considers herself a performer above all else. A lifelong creative, Jessica published her first poem at age six and has had a pen in her hand ever since. -Read Jessica’s Full Biography on our Guest Page

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Cosplay Contest M.C. Announcement, Umbra Cosplay!

February 13th, 2015

Umbra Cosplay is a cosplayer from the Southeastern United States who has been cosplaying for years, and will be the Master of Ceremonies for our Animeland Wasabi Cosplay Contest.

To view the RULES for the Cosplay Contest, please click HERE.

To view the entry form and to enter the Cosplay Contest, click HERE. Reminder, you can still enter the Cosplay Contest at the convention itself. So, if you can’t enter online or if you decide to enter at the last moment, you will still be able to.

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New Cosplay Guest Announcement, Warumono!

February 11th, 2015

Warumono is a cosplayer and a fashion model, musician, artist, and designer. He has a wide range of art-based talent and likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. He has been attending conventions since 2000 and has won more than forty awards for his works on humans and Asian ball jointed dolls across the nation as well as a few internationally. He has done Japanese fashion runway for several events including h.NAOTO’s SixH branch, has hosted several panels at multiple conventions covering a broad spectrum including Japanese Rock, Crossplay, Makeup, Wigs, Competitions, ABJD and more, and has also had the pleasure of working with and meeting several Japanese musicians including being filmed for an X-Japan music video. Waru has been a cosplay judge for conventions such as Animeland Wasabi and Clutch Con, and has also recently worked behind the scenes to help set them up. When not busy with the ‘Con-Life’ he also runs his own clothing, costume, and accessory business Filthy Commissions. He has been to Japan twice and has a lot of knowledge and stories to share!

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