Sunday Programming

Want more info on the programming you’ve got on your schedule for Sunday? Look no further!

Publishing Your Book – There are a lot of options to get your book into the hands and brains of avid readers. Come to this panel to find out about all the options and what will fit your situation best. Discussion includes traditional publishing, indie and small presses, self-pubbing, and formats including e-books, hard copy, and audio books.

Making an Audio Production – Whether it’s making an Voice Actor audition recording or sending in lines from your closet, here are some things that will help you put your best voice forward. We’ll talk mics, sound proofing, free software, editing, and let you try your hand at a few lines to see how it all works.

Voice Acting – Join voice actors from around the industry to learn how they got started and what’s really involved in the business.

Making an Audio Production – Whether it’s making an Voice Actor audition recording or sending in lines from your closet, here are some things that will help you put your best voice forward. We’ll talk mics, sound proofing, free software, editing, and let you try your hand at a few lines to see how it all works.

Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty always says, “You can never have too many friends!” Come join Tiffany Grant as she shares her love for all things Kitty. (Besides being an avid collector, Tiffany was the scriptwriter for the English version of Hello Kitty’s Animation Theatre TV series in which she played three major characters.)

One Night at Freddy’s – One Night at Freddy’s! A FNaF panel with all of the bravest night-guards and scariest animatronics, who of which will answer any questions you ask, play truth or dare with the audience, and more.

Sounds of Geekdom: Exploration in music within Anime and Gaming – An exploration in the music culture and placements in Anime and Video Games. Starting with the first scores, to contemporary artists, music has transformed media. Looking closely at the timeline and changing tastes, we will discuss trends and where the future might lead.

Creativity and Mental Health – A look at both designing characters with psaychological issues as well as how mental health affects creativity and how to work most effectively with it. Jan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has had a private therapy practice for 3 years.

Kawaii Cosplay Cavalcade – Have kids that love to cosplay and look amazing but are a little shy about showing them off? We’ve got the answer…what kid doesn’t love a parade?! Bring out your youngsters (and young at heart!) to parade through the convention.

Let’s Play Mahjongg – Japanese mahjong is a tile game played in various anime such as Saki and Akagi. Usually played with 4 players, each player takes turns drawing and discarding tiles with the goal of making a complete hand of 4 melds and one pair. The score of your hand increases if your hand meets one or more of the many special value conditions.
This panel will go over the basics of how to play mahjong, anime about mahjong, mahjong in real life and mahjong video games, and some basic strategy from a former Tenhou 7th dan.
We will have a few mahjong sets and some printed rule sheets so anyone interested can try playing after the presentation.

MST3000 – Anime Viewing

We’ve got anime for your viewing pleasure tonight!

MD Geist 1-2 (12:00 – 1:30 AM)
Dead Leaves (1:30 – 2:20 AM)
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – IN GLORIOUS MP5! (2:20 AM – 4:25 AM)
Precure All Stars DX3 (4:25 – 5:35 AM)
Thermae Romae (5:35 – 6:35 AM)
Time of Eve (6:35 – 8:25 AM)
Read Or Die OVA (8:25 – 10 AM)

Artist Showcase: Caroline Ware

Cato logo
A young commission, multi-media artist based in Colorado has come to the party. With a variety of products, it is a surprise to see what she can do with her hands. From custom shoes, pixel art, paintings, to prints; this creator can bring anything to life. Come check out this upcoming young lady at table 19, where she will be offering products both original and for the fans. Want a commission? Come see her!

Artist Showcase: Sue Ella Geddes

Collage 1Hello! My name is Suzu. I create art in various mediums. One of my main mediums would probably be polymer clay. I sculpt handmade charms that can be put on necklaces, keychains, cell phone straps, etc. I also work a lot with 2D drawing both digitally and traditionally.

Shop Name: SuzuShoe

YouTube –

Etsy –

DeviantArt –


Convention Day FAQ

Today marks the day that we kick off Animeland Wasabi 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited! Since we will be hard at work making sure you have an incredible weekend, we wanted to give you guys some FAQ information since we may not be able to get to e-mails or our fb inbox.

Where is the hotel? I don’t see anyone here!
There are two locations very close to each other so MAKE SURE you have the correct address:
Ramada Plaza Denver
10 E. 120th Ave
Northglenn, CO 80233

When can I pick up my badge/What are the hours for registration?
To make this process quick and painless, please bring your ID, a print out of your tickets (or the e-mail verificaiton), or any other forms that will quickly help us locate your tickets through eventbrite. You can also use the eventbrite app on your smartphone to pull up your ticket(s).
Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 3 pm

How much are tickets at the door?
Weekend Pass: $40
Friday: $20
Saturday: $20
Sunday: $10
Additionally, cash will be accepted as payment for Friday (there is an ATM on site, but plan ahead!). Saturday and Sunday cash, card, and paypal will be accepted for payment.
Checks will NOT be accepted.

Where can I find the schedule? I’d like to plan out my weekend!
The schedule includes all panel and event times as well as hours for Artist Alley and the Vendor room.
You can view/download the pdf version here: ALW 2016 Schedule
Or you can just click and download the image below!
CaptureI would like to register for the cosplay contest/I need to check in for the cosplay contest. Where do I need to go?
Head straight to the registration booth to be directed to cosplay registration after you pick up your badge! You can ONLY register in person. Music for your contest entry will not be accepted.


Guest Announcement: DJ Delirium


**DJ Delirium**
//New Jersey//
-Hardcore & SubGround-

Ever since the early 90’s, DJ Delirium has been a forefront leader in the Hardcore Techno and Hard Dance scene. He has appeared countless times at some of the worlds largest events like Thunderdome, Mysteryland, Defqon.1, Dominator, EDC – Las Vegas, In Qontrol, Ground Zero, Raving Nightmare, Earthquake and many more. Delirium has also had tracks featured on some of the Worlds most legendary hardcore compilations CD’s including Thunderdome, Always Hardcore, Masters Of Hardcore and Resident E.

To date, DJ Delirium has released over 300 slammin’ tracks with some of the most recognized companies in Hardcore Techno including ID&T, Industrial Strength, Traxtorm, Masters of Hardcore, Cenobite, MegaRave, and many more. DJ Delirium’s got studio skills and has proven that with his top quality productions.

Anyone who’s ever seen DJ Delirium perform knows about his smooth mixing and tight scratching. His DJ skills have taken him all over the world including countries like Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, Spain, Canada and many more places over the years. He has rocked dance floors for crowds of over 30,000 people!

DJ Delirium has brought the hits from the studio to the dance floor for the past 24 years, and there is no sign of stopping him so be prepared for the praying mantis to strike again!!!

Werks 3D

unnamed (2)

Werks3D is the creator of the SkanÜ3D Full-Body 3D Scanning Booth. The worlds 1st Portable 3D Scanning Booth used to 3D Image people head-to-toe in full color and detail. They then turn those digital 3D images into life-like 3D Printed Figurines.

They are excited to be part of this years Animeland Wasabi. They will be there all weekend 3D Scanning all the cool Cosplay enthusiasts. They will also be giving away Free 3D Scans and 3D Printed Figurines for the Cosplay Contest Winners!!

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You can see more at

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